Ring Sizes

Most of the rings which are in stock can be adjusted to fit your finger comfortably, free of charge. However, please note that there are some rings that cannot be re-sized because of their style, setting, gemstone or number of sizes that are required. 

Please state finger size where possible when purchasing a ring from our website or contact us prior to placing your order, and we will advise if it is possible or not. If the ring is a present for someone else we suggest that you purchase the ring in it’s current size. We can adjust it to the correct finger size once the ring has been gifted to the recipient.

Check your ring size

To find out the ring size you need, you can do any of the following steps:

  • Place one of your own rings onto the chart below to match it to your size
  • Cut out the finger measure here> and wrap it around the finger you will wear your new ring on, curring out the dotted line and feeding the other end through to show the correct finger size
  • You can also take a tape measure, wrap it around your finger (starting at zero) and take a measurement of the fullest part of your finger (either the knuckle or the base of the finger of which you will be wearing the ring) and write down the measurement in millimetres. Using the chart below, cross reference the measurement to the desired size.
  • IMPORTANT: When printing these pages, ensure you do not use printing options such as “Shrink to Fit”, “Scale to fit” etc. the page must be printed at 100% for it to be accurate.


H 46½
I 47¾
J 49
49mm 5
K 50
50.5mm L 51¾
52mm M 52¾ 6
53mm N 54
54.5mm O 55¼ 7
55.5mm P 55½
57mm Q 57¾ 8
R 59
59.5mm 9
S 60¼
T 61½
62 10
U 62¾
63.5mm 10½
V 63
64.5mm 11
W 65
66mm 11½
Contemporary Jewellery
We stock a large range of contemporary jewellery in both gold, diamond set and silver from some of the worlds leading jewellery brands. We also stock a lovely range of silver gifts. Please follow the links below to explore the rest of our website:

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